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We understand that all Canadian roofing projects are unique, which is why Flagship Roofing is your roofing company Ottawa, we have services to meet every need. Our team offer over 20 years experience ensuring your roof meets the highest standard possible.

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Why Flagship Roofing?

Your home is the finest and most important space in your life. That’s what inspires our name: to create the finest roof for the finest people. With over 20 years of experience as carpenters and roofing experts we know how important quality is to you, your family, and your home. Which is why we offer a different standard. We are leaders in roofing from roof repair, leaks, replacement and insurance. Contact us today and have a roof without leaks.

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Flagship Roofing Inc. BBB Business Review

Our Roofing Services

Emergency Service

Call us right away if you have any of the following roofing-related emergencies: leaks, missing or loose shingles, severely damaged or missing flashing.

Flagship’s expert roof repair team will assess, diagnose, and recommend an immediate plan of action.

Insurance Reports

Dealing with insurance? Need a complete report process to make your life easier? We offer detailed reports that answer all your insurers questions.

We know what they need and can quickly and efficiently prepare the reports to ensure your roof is repaired.

Roof Inspections

We conduct a detailed inspection audit to find damage and inefficiencies.

During our assessment we inspect everything from soffits and fascia, to ventilation and insulation. We evaluate each component of your attic, roof and walls. Your home’s safety is our goal.

Roof Replacement

Your roof is a system that protects your home and takes moisture away. An investment in your roof increases curb appeal for value and your enjoyment.

Your roof is an opportunity to invest in and protect the most valuable things in your life. We are experts with asphalt and metal roof installation.

Multi-Residence Roofing

Large multi-residence projects means coordinating and communicating between many more individuals and responsible people.

We know what it takes to navigate these challenges and ensure that it progresses without fail.

Rooftop Snow Removal

Snow and ice damming on your roof can cause melt water to back up under your shingles and cause serious damage to your roof.

Keep your property safe with regular snow clearing this winter.

Roofing Insurance & Reports

Flagship Roofing perform all types of insurance work and provide all the required documents that insurance requires for your claim. Our team are knowledgable and experienced to help you through the insurance process to reduce stress and worries about your home.

The next time a storm or wind damage causes you to worry call us we can help at every step.

How We Give Back

Flagship Roofing donates a percentage of all sales to The Royal.

By booking with Flagship you are contributing to care, advocacy, research and education that will help the 1 in 5 people in our community who suffer from mental illness and their families.


Absolutely amazing work, great team, super professional, I would recommend this business to anyone who needs a new roof.Martin L

Very Happy !!!! We have a very challenging roof and this Team took care of it with care and attention to detail. Polite – conscientious – and love to work.Paul C

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